Latex or polyester: Which type of fabric should you wear as your swimsuit?

Latex swimsuits don’t contain harmful elements

When it comes to all-things latex, people immediately assume that this material is harmful to the skin. Sure, there are cases of latex allergies, but that doesn’t say anything about the material itself. People who think that latex is harmful most likely don’t know where latex comes from, and we’re here to educate them.

Latex is a natural material. Trees and some plants produce it, and people harvest it through a process called tapping. It involves scoring the trees so latex can drip out freely. So yes, latex is completely natural, vegan, and has no harmful elements in it.

However, you don’t need to spend much time worrying about where to find them. Here, at, you can find latex suits that are safe for your skin. While latex allergies do exist, they’re extremely rare. Most people can wear your latex swimsuit safely. Of course, if you notice an allergic reaction, you should visit a doctor immediately.

Polyester is embedded with toxic materials

One of the cons of polyester fabric is that it’s not natural. In fact, polyester is a result of chemical reactions that involve petroleum. You don’t really want your swimwear to be made from the same material used for fossil fuel. However, this isn’t the only hazard of polyester.

Polyester releases harmful chemicals like phthalates, which can actually affect your health, even causing hormonal imbalance. Both of these materials are water-resistant, but the difference between latex and polyester is that latex doesn’t release any harmful chemicals.

Also, since polyester is embedded with toxic materials, it’s not biodegradable. That means it’s not only harmful to our health, but to the planet, too. Scientists believe that the most amount of microplastics polluting our oceans comes from polyester. While polyester swimwear is, for some reason, very popular in competitive swimming, it’s best to avoid it as much as you can.

Latex suits are made from rubber — They’re stretchable

In the battle between latex vs. polyester swimwear comfortability, latex definitely wins. Why? This is because this rubber material is stretchable. When you take a look at a latex swimsuit, it might not look like the most comfortable thing in the world. That’s because this material hugs the figure, but we assure you that it simply feels like the second skin.

Latex will stretch in all kinds of ways to accommodate your body shape, so you can rest assured that your swimsuit will always fit you. Our weight fluctuates all the time, and this often means we have to keep buying new swimwear because the old ones don’t fit anymore. That isn’t the case with latex suits. Since they’re stretchy, they’ll fit comfortably, even if you lose/gain some weight. This also means you’ll be saving money in the long run.

Polyester is a cheap-quality fabric

If you’ve ever had a polyester swimsuit, you’ll know how cheap it feels. That’s normal because polyester is a cheap-quality fabric. Actually, there’s more to it than just a cheap feel, irritations, health, and planet hazards. Namely, unlike latex, polyester suits aren’t stretchy. That means they won’t accommodate weight fluctuations, so you’ll always have to buy new swimwear.

However, there’s more. Because polyester is so cheap, it’s more prone to wear and tear. Unfortunately, this will cause you to buy even more swimsuits. Since damaging this swimsuit material is easier than most people think, having it means you’ll have to give a lot of money to take a dip in the ocean or the pool.

We hear you when you say that polyester swimsuits can be much cheaper than the rest. However, don’t fall for the price because you should always aim for quality materials that are in direct contact with your skin.

Latex swimsuits are fashionable

Naturally, there are both pros and cons of latex swimwear too. However, the former outweigh the latter. If you haven’t had enough latex swimsuit pros, one of them is fashion. 

Whenever you’re looking to make a fashion statement on the beach or at a beach party, latex swimsuits are always the best option. Why? This swimwear is shiny, slick, figure-hugging, and will catch anyone’s eye. So, whether you’re looking to catch someone’s attention or simply look stunning for your own pleasure, latex swimsuits are the way to go.

Wearing latex may feel restrictive at first, but it’s actually liberating and an absolute ego boost. People who wear latex daily report that they’ve never felt more confident and comfortable at the same time. And you can join their ranks! 

Polyester is harmful to the skin

The conversation regarding how harmful polyester swimsuits are to the skin isn’t over yet. Naturally, you don’t want to inhale or consume anything harmful. Since our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, you don’t want anything harmful to come in contact with it either. What happens if you have no choice and polyester swimsuits are all you have? Fret not, occasional wear won’t harm you, but prolonged wear might.

Polyester isn’t breathable, which means your skin can suffer. This can cause irritations and more sweat. Sweat isn’t so bad, right? Not when it has somewhere to go, but it’s a different story when it’s trapped beneath your polyester swimsuit. Overproduction of sweat and oil can lead to acne and seborrheic dermatitis. While dermatitis is treatable, you don’t want to have to deal with it in the first place. So, what’s the best long-term solution? Ditching polyester swimsuits altogether.