Job Opportunities

Looking to Hire A Talented Hentai/Eroge Artist for A Video Game Project

You must:

  • Illustrate and digitally colored in a traditional “anime/manga” style.

  • Draw hardcore sex scenes

  • Detailed, high-quality genitalia

  • Draw fetish material

  • Draw basic backgrounds

  • Create layered image files with multiple variations (such as facial expressions and poses)

This is a large project that will involve illustrating: 6 unique full-body character artworks, complete with variations in facial expressions and poses 5 sex scene illustrations, complete with variations in facial expressions, clothing and poses 4 – 5 non-sex scene illustrations featuring characters in different situations

If this project is successful, there is a chance for ongoing work in the future.

All art will be produced in high resolution. All art must be produced uncensored / without mosaic, as it will be distributed in the American market.

Please supply a portfolio of similar work when applying.

You can apply by contacting us through our Contact Page.