What is a Sex Chair and 4 Sexy Positions You Can Try on It

What is a Sex Chair and 4 Sexy Positions You Can Try on It

Sex chair is one of the most popular types of sex furniture. As the name says, it’s a chair which is strategically tailored to have sex on it comfortably. No, it doesn’t look like your normal chair with a small flat seat and an upright backrest. Rather an ideal sex chair comes with a curved body and a backrest. The long rectangular wavy body is meant to ensure adequate support for user’s body as s/he lays down on it while performing erotic moves. The enhanced support that you get with a sex chair is not possible with a regular chair or your bed.

Tantra sex chair

The most popular sex chair is the Tantra chair. It’s one awesome piece of sexy furniture which is meticulously designed to complement the elegant feminine build. Put simply, Tantra chairs are duly inspired by curvy female form and are great to try out the sacred Kama Sutra positions. As you lay on the chair, the furniture will gently guide you & alter the pelvic angles as needed in different phases of lovemaking. When you are craving for the best passionate sensations and optimum comfort during your erotic plays, bank on Tantra chair.

Main benefits of sex chair

  • This popular sex furniture offers powerful support to body so that you can try out various sex positions comfortably
  • Assures deeper penetration for both vaginal and anal sex which eventually guarantees stronger orgasm, better G-spot stimulation and more satisfying sexual experience
  • Great for those suffering from lower-body and back pains

Top 4 sexual positions on sex chair

Bae on lap

This position will be great if you are in the mood of some cozy cuddly moments with your bae. In this case, the guy will sit on the chair first. Let your back rest on the elevated backrest of the chair. Then, you will call your bae to snuggle with you with her back before your penis. Precisely, tell her to sit on you with legs spread so that you can enter inside her. Her legs should be over and underneath your legs. Hold your bae tight and enjoy amazing sex on the Tantra chair.

The basket

Do you enjoy deep kissing with each other while having penetrative sex? That’s so hot and the “Basket” posture is just the thing for you here. It’s very simple. One of you has to sit on the chair. You can sit since you will need added support to nudge yourself inside her. As you position yourself comfortably on the chair, ask your lady to sit closely facing you. Draw her closer so that it’s easy to penetrate. And while you do that you can easily shower her with kisses. You can also give her a nice breast massage simultaneously while fucking her.


Hammock is a sex position where both of you would need good body support. And thus a sex chair will be the perfect aide for you here. The guy will lie down on the chair and his legs will have the support of the elevated end of the chair. Similarly his back too will have the support of the curvy backrest of the chair.  Now, the girl will sit atop on the guy with knees bent so that his hardness can smoothly enter her vagina. His elevated legs will make a comfortable seating for the girl and her bent knees will get adequate support from the chair.

Magic mountain

If you are in the mood of some rear fun, this is the position for you. The girl will lie down on the chair on her stomach with stretched legs. Now, the guy will simply ride on top her and gently move inside through backdoor.